This tool is designed to help you find a person's proper email if you know their first name, last name and place of work. Simply fill in the fields as shown, then submit the form. The application will validate the emails and then test the mail servers to see if the address exists.

"Catchall" email addresses
Some servers have 'catchall' email addresses that accept all email addressed to their domain. Such servers will show all attempts and addresses with the proper domain as valid (, for example, does this). Other servers may block this application entirely. At the time this tool was created, it worked perfectly, but there is no guarantee that it will work in the long run.

Unfortunately, we have had to implement reCaptcha authorization to prevent future abuse of this tool.

Made by Daniel Del Percio

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a tool like this?

Anyone who has used the internet, by now, has probably tried to find an old friend, seek out the email address of a contact or look up someone they would like to reach out to. Up until now, this was rather difficult to do and involved guesswork or much effort. This tool is designed to help.

Does this tool work 100% of the time?

No tool can work 100% of the time. Each mail server is administered by a different administrator and each one has its own set of rules and policies. Some mail servers have 'catchall' email addresses which accept email addressed to any name as long as the server is correct. Others reject this address as a spam server and so all information is withheld.

Why does it only test 24 email permutations?

So as not to overtax our server, this free tool will test the 24 most commonly used email formats. You can further test all possible and likely permutations using the deluxe permutator, however this will not test each possible permutation. You can test individual emails one at a time using our tester.

What is a 'catchall' email account?

A "CatchAll" email box is one that will accept all emails. So even if you send an email to "", so to speak, that email address will be delivered and put someplace on the server to be filtered internally.

Why use a catchall email account?

Some sites use them to eliminate lost email. Someone or some routine will filter the emails so that misspelled emails also get delivered. For example, sometimes a company will place a recruitment advertisement and include an email to respond to. Say, ''. Now if an applicant makes a mistake and sends it to ''; it would still be delivered - a smart admin will have a few popular misspellings as 'alias' accounts. A very careful one will also have a catchall.

People who buy domains with their last name will often have a catchall account so that all emails addressed to their domain get delivered to their main mailbox.


Why is there a Captcha (reCaptcha) on the main search?

This prevents automated queries and limits the usefulness of the site to spambots and spammers. This site was created for individuals to use for legitimate searches and not for penetration testing, email harvesting or phishing attacks. It is not particularly useful for any of those things - anyone smart enough to perpetrate a phishing attack should have better scripts up their sleeve than this one. We have done our part to make this script useless for 'phishers'.

Who is this script designed for?

Anyone who needs to find someone online. It is designed to be painful to use for bulk searches so as to make it useless to spammers.

Is this script for sale?

Maybe. This was not created as a commercial product, but if you would like to buy this script (it can be used without the captcha if you put it on your own server), contact me.



At the time this site and the tools on it were created, they worked beautifully and without any problems. There is no guarantee that they will continue to function as well in the future. Due to the nature of this site, its actions may be interpreted by mail administrators as 'hostile' and/or as some kind of attack. They may elect to block access to their mail server from this site.

Service Availability

We reserve the right to halt this service at any time for any reason.
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